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Back and Better than Ever!

We figured since the new NBA season is upon us, it was time to clean up the site and add some new features that are sure to make your experience at BCB easier and more enjoyable. Here is a rundown of what we have added to the site:

- Streamlined interface with cleaner visuals and easier navigation across the site

- Forums for community interaction and networking

- Member page so you can connect and learn more about your peers

- Two new opinion articles in the blog section with at least one drop per week this season

- The first CBA walkthrough post (Luxury Tax) that will be updated once per week

- Blog posts that have been categorized based on the topic of content (Website update, CBA News, Opinion)

- Updated/expanded social media tags with direct links to all of our outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts)

This is by no means set in stone, so feel free to give feedback whenever you'd like. Things will be continuously evolving here over the course of the NBA season, so be sure to follow us on all social platforms to stay up to date!