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Day One: Introduction to the Site

I've been "around" the game of basketball for as long as I can remember, but I've only truly cared about the game since 2010. I can remember the epic playoff games Kobe Bryant put on in route to the title as if they occurred yesterday. Shortly after the conclusion of the 2010-2011 NBA season, I yearned to dive into this newfound love of the game. Unfortunately, I had to wait a bit longer than I originally anticipated. On July 1, 2011, the current agreement between the owners and players union expired and we were thrust into a period of discord, uncertainty, and disappoint called the NBA lockout of 2011. In the following weeks and months, I tuned in frequently to NBA TV and any other sports television station I could find for progress reports on negotiation talks for the next contract. I was greeted with complex terminology that would prove difficult for a hardcore fan to grasp, let alone a 17 year old kid like me, who had just wrapped up his rookie season as a regular viewer of professional basketball. The amount of content and the their comprehensive nature was surly impressive, but I needed a solid foundation...I needed a crash course on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) itself.

In the years since, the game has grown exponentially and so have the resources you can utilize to find all sorts of information both directly related to the CBA and otherwise. Still, I feel like there isn't a one stop resource that strives to educate basketball fans on the ins and outs of CBA specifics on all levels; beginner and advanced alike. That brings me to the advent of Business Casual Basketball and my mission here. First off, thank you so much for visiting the site and taking the time out of your busy schedule to check out some of the resources I will work diligently to provide for you moving forward. In case you are unaware, I began Business Casual Basketball last year as a podcast. Within each episode, I conversed with various individuals on league news and more in depth details like increases in the G League salaries, the implications of revenue increases to the league at large, etc. That outlet will continue and I have no plans of slowing down there.

There won't be much to see on the site at launch, but in time, there will be blog uploads similar to this one, as well as additions to the three main offerings of the site. The first is the "CBA Breakdown" section. This is all about giving everybody a tutorial on certain CBA terminology, rules, and more. If you're looking for the most comprehensive view of the CBA, this won't be it. Think of this as more of a training course to get you up to speed, not necessarily a place to learn every single detail. There are excellent resources out there such as the CBA FAQ that can provide that level of content for you. I do not know all there is about the Bargaining Agreement, nor do I pretend to. I am still learning much of it myself. The next resource that will be opening up soon on the site is named "cap breakdowns." Here you will be able to get a sense of where each NBA team stands in terms of how much money they have committed to their roster and how much they have left to spend. I am working on a classification system that will make it extremely easy to gauge how flexible each team is in regards to how much more money they have to throw out to players. Think of it as a classic A to F grading scale, but a bit more specific. The last sector of content on the site will be labeled "Player Value Analysis." To be honest, I am more excited about producing content under this nomenclature, because it is slightly experimental and will involve some trail and error. One area of basketball that I've grown more and more curious about in the past few years is the analytics field. I am confident that this resource will give me the chance to fine tune some skills acquired over the years and compile something a little different than you're accustomed to seeing online. In a nutshell, player value analysis is all about judging how much a player is worth in dollars through quantitative analysis. Broadly speaking, maybe we'll be able to determine if a certain player is under or overpaid in their current contract structure. Who knows, maybe they're compensated perfectly for what they provide their team.

Thats about it as far as what will be coming to the site in the near future. This is all subject to change, of course. You can expect the first CBA breakdown post in the next few days. Feel free to drop some thoughts and suggestions in the comment box at the bottom of the site page in the meantime. Again, your presence here on the site means a lot. Don't forget to subscribe to the official Twitter and Instagram pages under @bcbpodcast so you don't miss any breaking news!